Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus and beloved friends,
May the peace of the Lord be with you.

I write these things in order to explain what CIPS is all about.

My name is Gennaro Massotti. I was born in Naples, Italy in 1948. I now live in Arezzo, north Italy, since 1980. I’m married and we have a son. I move around with a wheel chair and I have a pension since September 2000. Before I met the Lord, I participated actively in the National Association of handicapped, for charitable purposes. We were promoting laws in parliament in Italy and Europe, that those who are handicapped could work or study like other citizens.

Ever since the Lord called me, I have always had the desire to do something meaningful, that my life would make a difference for others. I felt that there was a transformation day by day and I prayed that I would be able to help those in need around me. Above all things, my desire was that they would have a social improvement, better relationships with other people and that also they would experience the same great joy that I have received in my heart when I entrusted my life to the Lord.

Personally, I have always been concerned with social problems and when I saw or experienced the many problems with older people or young people who had no jobs, or foreigners who were forced to depend on others for their every day life, or when I experienced how handicapped people feel, unable to live with dignity, due to the handicap made by the indifference or ignorance of men, in me, there has always been the desire to alleviate their sufferings. In spite of my active commitment in politics and social life, to remove the causes of their limits, I had always been disappointed and full of bitterness, since there was much opportunism connected to the needs of those who were living this disadvantaged situation. (For example money on social services, work, free time, culture, sport etc.) Without giving to these sons of God, who were  financially and socially disadvantaged, the opportunity to recover the values of respect and dignity that God gives us. We are blinded to these values because of selfishness, we put them under our feet, forgetting that we must act and these actions are the essential motor of each and every one of our actions.

I was able to understand everything when the Lord used my sister and her husband as they shared with me about this great love, and slowly but surely, all the travail turned into a completely different vision. That changed my life and in turn also influenced the life of others. It was then that I started to understand the deep meaning of the Holy Scriptures, especially the scripture in Mathew 5:3-16 spoke to my heart.

Knowing what the Lord was doing for me and the new responsibilities that I had towards Him and others, there was an increase every day of a Spirit of prayer. I felt that I wanted to pray for others, particularly for those who suffer, even for those brethren who lived many kilometres away from us. I also saw how many others had supported me in moments of travail and in this way we learn from one another.

In this way, my first prayers of intercession started. At first we prayed for the conversion of our closest family members, and we really could see the greatness of the Lord, as my wife also came to Jesus. Afterwards we prayed for other relatives and friends and we could see the Lord answer our prayers and the fruit of our intercession was increasing.

This vision was supported and shared by the Christian Evangelical Community in Giugliano, with Pastor Antonio Romeo, since this kind of ministry is part of their general vision. It is important for me to mention that the vision remains PERSONAL and with NO SPECIFIC DENOMINATION, as our desire is to involve all evangelicals, and it is a great encouragement when different Pastors of other churches and denominations participate in this unity of prayer.

Now, we do have the encouragement from several Communities like Naples, Milan, Bergamo, Verona, Toscana, Puglia, Catania, France, Frankfurt, Germany, Clare Subdory, Great Britain, Chicago (USA), Switzerland, Belluno, Brasil, Rome, Terme, Reggio Calabria, Palermo, Messina, California(USA), Honduras, Central America, Sri Lanka(Colombo)

Slowly but surely, this prayer was growing and was increasing, many brethren said that they also wanted to pray. Therefore the Lord put in our hearts the desire to coordinate and order our prayer of intercession CIPS, (Communion of Intercession, Prayer and Supplication, Eph. 6:16) since God is a God of order.  We formed a list of all the believers who desired that we would intercede for them. All they have to do is to communicate their telephone number, and they receive two rings on their phone, in this way they will know that we are praying for them.

I am aware of that in our list of names in CIPS, there are those who only sympathise with the faith and also those who are enthusiastic to regularly receive two rings, since this also represents affection, the feeling of being loved and to be ensured of the presence of Jesus Christ.

Some sisters have defined the ring as a “Spiritual First Aid” or a Spiritual Guard, that while you are distracted, it makes you think: Beware, were is your soul going? This intense fellowship with  God and with the Brethren, is renewed every day. I would like for everybody to feel this joy and put into practice the teachings of His Word. I think about the verses in Mathew 11:2-30. I would like to say that our fellowship with God is like the air we breathe.

Naturally, there are much prayer, fasting and works that we should do, but since I’m convinced, as many other members of CIPS, that the church of Jesus Christ can be formed only with God’s hand and with the commitment of each and every one of us, in order that not even one of God’s sons, from the poorest one to the richest, would be abandoned to himself. If the Lord has put in your heart the desire to pray for your brethren, you can do it as CIPS, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If you feel this burden, you can be a reference for your Community, you city and your region. Make two rings every evening and remember that the Sound of the Lord gives us Eternal Life. Psalm 19.

I hope I have been able to clarify how CIPS was born and how it must be used. I ask you in the love of the Lord, if you share this vision, to unite with us in prayer, and if you desire get in contact with us and visit our web site.

Trusting that I will receive an answer from you, I greet you in the love of the Lord.



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